The School’s Diverse Arenas

The school’s physical premises provide diverse arenas in which each child can find the place which is the most comfortable and suitable to him or her.  These arenas include the petting zoo; a musical courtyard; a garden and agricultural area; a music room; a masonry room; a carpentry workshop; an art and ceramics room; a movement room; a drama room; a sports room; and the “Chocolate House” which is a coffee shop that is jointly operated by students with and without special needs.  Resheet is planning additional arenas for the future.  

Welcome to the Resheet School

Resheet School is an Israeli, religious, public elementary school which promotes inclusion of students with special needs, including those with rare disabilities, within the regular classroom setting.

Resheet was founded by a group of parents whose goal was to establish an experiential, religious, educational framework which would be tailored to the needs of a broad range of students and would view each child as a unique and full participant within the school environment.  They envisioned a framework which would integrate students with special needs - such as those with Down syndrome, Autism and Cerebral Palsy - within the regular classroom.

You are invited to experience a bit of what takes place at our school.

Developing Strengths and Talents

At Resheet, many opportunities exist for students with and without special needs to develop their strengths and talents in unique arenas in which they can succeed and blossom.  In order to empower Resheet students, our school provides a broad range of activities which develop their skills, promote their knowledge in different realms, and allow each child to choose those arenas which are of utmost interest to him or her.  These arenas range from interactive classes which allow students to utilize diverse skills to group activities which allow them to express their varied talents via art, music, gardening, sports, organizing activities and giving to others.  

The Fabric of our School

At Resheet, students with and without special needs are integrated within heterogeneous classrooms and form a wonderful fabric to our school.  Students jointly study, play and engage in varied activities within a natural setting as classmates and friends.  The relationships which the students form with one another and the ways in which they interact with each other reflect an atmosphere of inclusion of and love towards those who are different, without this being considered unusual or exceptional. In this  type of  environment, all  of  the students  benefit. 

Students with special needs acquire the necessary skills to integrate within the larger community,while students without special needs learn how to accept those who are different than themselves and develop a heightened sensitivity to others. 

Resheet Staff

Resheet places a priority not only on empowering its students but also on staff development.  Resheet believes in its teachers and allows each staff member to teach in his or her own unique style; encourages each teacher to realize his or her educational vision; and makes it possible for each staff member to initiate and create new educational projects.  Within each classroom, there are several staff members with different areas of responsibility.  This allows the homeroom teacher to learn about his or her students from a variety of perspectives and enables the teacher to tailor his or her educational approaches to more precisely address the needs of the students.

Resheet aspires to create an atmosphere in which each child feels a sense of belonging to the students in his or her class.  Each school day begins with a class gathering and discussion; a personal greeting to each student; and with an atmosphere which allows students to share their experiences.  Resheet’s teachers convene on a weekly basis and discuss how to promote each child’s development in the emotional, social and educational  realms  by   focusing  on his or her -

A Sense of Belonging

and talents.  The teachers also receive training about how to conduct the class gatherings and discussions each morning as well as about teaching styles which are tailored to the entire student body.

The Learning Experience

Resheet students experience diverse, experiential and enjoyable ways of learning the Bible and about Jewish holidays via the school’s learning centers.  These learning centers often culminate in school assemblies in which the entire student body participates