Unique Programs

Jerusalem Tours
This program is geared to eighth graders who learn about Jerusalem via weekly tours of the city in which students without special needs assist students with special needs in visiting city sites.

Work Centers

Students engage in arts and crafts and agricultural activities via Resheet’s work centers where they learn how to plan and carry out tasks in a safe manner and work collaboratively in a group setting.
Morning Gathering and Discussion
Every morning, Resheet staff members conduct a gathering and discussion within their classrooms which encourages students to share their feelings and experiences and teaches them how to listen empathically to their classmates. 
Learning and Creative Centers
Students in each grade participate in experiential and multi-disciplinary learning and creative centers which focus on the Bible and Jewish holidays and which culminate in school assemblies in which parents are also invited to participate.
Life Skills:  The Media and Its Impact
During lessons focused on life skills, Resheet teachers assist their students in becoming critical consumers of the media and learning how to detect covert and overt messages relayed by the media.
Bet Midrash (Torah Study Hall) Program
Students who choose to participate in this Jewish study program are exposed to a range of Jewish religious subjects in havrutot (in pairs with volunteer high school students) or in small study groups.