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Unique Arenas

Gardening and Agricultural
Students express their talents outside of the classroom by growing fruits and vegetables in Resheet’s hothouse or on school land and later enjoy eating the produce which they  have planted and harvested.
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The “Chocolate House”
The school’s coffee shop serves as a therapeutic kitchen that is jointly operated by students with and without special needs and which teaches independent living skills to the former. 
Carpentry Workshop
Students plan, create and construct different pieces of furniture, such as tables and chairs, which enhance the school’s atmosphere
As an integral part of Resheet activities, bike riding teaches an array of skills, especially to students with special needs, such as gross motor movements, balance and long-distance vision.
The Ceramics Room
Creating pottery allows students to focus on the creative process and not necessarily on the end result since working with clay doesn’t always lead to the desired results, thus providing them with opportunities to cope with disappointment, learn patience and enjoy the experience.
The Movement Room
Students jointly engage in movement and dance which promote cooperation, acceptance of those who are different, a willingness to listen to others, and self-discipline.
The Library
The library is critical in promoting students’ cognitive development and literacy and provides mentoring opportunities for students to assist other children with learning challenges.
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The Art Room
The art room provides students of all ages with the opportunity to enhance what they have learned in the classroom by engaging in diverse types of art modalities related to a range of academic subjects.
The Music Room
For students with learning disabilities or with social or emotional difficulties, learning to play a musical instrument is often their first significant experience of success where they can form relationships with others and can discover their talents and abilities.
The Masonry Room
By engaging in masonry work, students learn patience; how to pay attention to details; how to improve their concentration; and how to develop their sensory regulation.
The Petting Zoo
Resheet students take responsibility for caring for the animals in the petting zoo and this, in particular, helps empower students with learning, communication or physical disabilities.
The Drama Room
The drama room allows students to express themselves in an experiential and non-frontal manner within a non-judgmental and safe space which encourages creativity.